Amarji – a way of life based on constant search

Amarji written in Sumerian alphabet
Amarji written in Sumerian alphabet

is a word that means freedom in Sumerian, an ancient Mesopotamian language. And indeed freedom is at the heart of almost everything I have ever written or done. I may not be the most eloquent or successful, but I always try to be honest, to the point of heresy and irreverence when necessary. That is who I am, and this is my world. Welcome.

– Ammar Abdulhamid

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The Irreverent Activist” is my most recent book and is now available through AmazonAmazon Europe, and the CreateSpace eStore. The book also has a dedicated website, and a Facebook Page. For early reviews of the Irreverent Activist, please click here.

“The Irreverent Activist” was officially released on August 27 in a special dual event that also featured the premier of the documentary “Syria: A Fire Within.”