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How Obama has undermined global order

By Ammar Abdulhamid for The Daily Star

The United States is a superpower but hardly a superhuman entity. It has never been that super, as all of us can attest.

For people who have long been obsessed with observing America’s every action, reaction and inaction, there has never been a shortage of criticism. But unless one is wearing an ideological blindfold, modern history clearly shows that the United States is one of the few countries that has tried to impose international order and where people’s rights and government accountability have been taken seriously. True, the United States itself has often done much to undermine the very system it was trying to impose, but the fact remains that no other country has tried to adopt a global perspective in the way America has.


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Syrian genocide needs justice

Opinion: Syrian genocide needs justice –

(CNN) – The debate over what is happening inside Syria should now end. A new report by three veteran war crimes prosecutors, released exclusively by CNN and The Guardian, offers what appears to be irrefutable evidence of systemic war crimes by the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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Syria, South Sudan & The Genocides Yet To Come

I have been arguing for months now that the Syrian genocide and the way the Obama Administration has (mis)handled it are bound to inspire similar developments across the region and far beyond. I believe that the situation in South Sudan promises to be a case in point. Yes, the potential for such tragic developments there is inherent and organic, but this can be said of myriad instances across the world, which is exactly why the Administration needed to quickly contain developments in Syria and not allow them to devolve to where they are now. Apathy in the face of mass atrocities and genocide cannot but inspire more of the same. Before Obama leaves office, we will probably have a dozen such conflicts unfolding simultaneously.

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Jimmy Carter and Robert Pastor wrote:

“These preconditions should not be controversial, but they mean that Syrian factions — and their supporters — would have to back down from their former unreasonable demands.”

Yeah, I guess demanding freedom from tyranny is really quite unreasonable. That’s why I guess, the U.S. did not support us, and pro-democracy activists and moderate rebels were left to face Assad’s killing machine, oiled by Russia and Iran, on their own, seeing that Saudi, Qatar and Turkey supported the other extreme.

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