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The Irreverent Activist – Unleashed

Book-signing to take place in the DC Arts Center (2438 18th St, Washington, DC 20009) on August 27 at 7:30 pm (map). RSVPs required as seating is limited. RSVPs should be sent to:

After some delay, my book, “The Irreverent Activist,” is now out on Amazon as well as on the CreateSpace eStore. CreateSpace is a publishing company operated by Amazon.

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Syria: A Fire Within

Amid the flurry of really wonderful documentaries about Syria and the Syrian revolution that are emerging these days, this one might represent a more modest effort in this regard, and might seems a bit dated now since it was mostly filmed in the summer of 2012. Still, since the focus here is to trace the roots of the Syrian revolution and its transformation into an armed struggle, and to showcase the betrayal of the nonviolent liberal prodemocracy activists that led the early protests throughout the country by the leaders of the free world, the subject matter maintains certain relevance and seems to distinguish this effort from other works.

A scene from "Syria: A Fire Within."
A scene from “Syria: A Fire Within.”

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The New Yorker Festival 2013: Obama & the World Panel

A panel with the Syrian activist Ammar Abdulhamid, The New Yorker’s Dexter Filkins, the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation’s Andranik Migranyan, and the New America Foundation’s Anne-Marie Slaughter took place on October 6 as part of  The New Yorker Festival 2013.  The panel was moderated by Steve Coll, the New Yorker staff writer and the dean of the Columbia School of Journalism, and was attended by around 200 participants. The photos were just released.

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Die verschenkten Chancen einer kriegsmüden Nation

A coverage in Zeit Online of my participation on October 6 in the Panel on “Obama and the World,” organized as part of the New Yorker Festival 2013.  

Obamas Syrien-Politik fällt beim “New Yorker”-Forum durch. Inzwischen fehlen die Verbündeten für einen Regimewechsel – und eine tragfähige Vision für die gesamte Region. VON 

7. Oktober 2013  11:54 Uhr 
Präsident ObamaUS-Präsident Barack Obama vor US-Truppen   |  © Tony Gutierrez/AP Photo

Was ist das größte Problem der US-Außenpolitik? Das amerikanische Volk interessiert sich nicht dafür, trotz des Einsatzes zahlreicher Experten, Thinktank-Wissenschaftlern und professionellen Exilanten. Die meisten Amerikaner sind einmischungsmüde, und US-Präsident Barack Obama weiß das. Er sagte vergangene Woche eine lang geplante Asienreise ab, weil es ihm wichtiger war, in Washington den Kampf mit den Republikanern um die Krankenversicherung und das Budget zu führen, obwohl er wusste, dass er damit China das Feld überlassen würde. Continue reading