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Ah, the sheer lunacy of it all!

Netanyahu finally speaks his mind | The Times of Israel.

If Netanyahu rejects a binational state and a fully sovereign Palestinian state, then, what does he endorse: apartheid “lite”? The expulsion of Palestinians into Egypt and Jordan? What other conclusions can one draw here? I mean a demilitarized entity encircled by walls and fences and crisscrossed by security checkpoints won’t even amount to a Lesotho-type state. Be that as it may, it’s clear that the Two-State Solution has by now taken its last breaths.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a press conference at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, Friday, July 11, 2014. (photo credit: AP/Gali Tibbon, Pool)

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Obama Administration already reaching out to Assad?

Latest Syria Threat ‘More Frightening Than Anything’ Else, Holder Says – ABC News.

Few days ago, Attorney General Eric Holder was in Oslo where he held meetings  with Norwegian officials to “exchange information in the way that you can’t if you’re not present” and “come up with techniques to thwart those who would try to do us all harm.” In this, he was referring to the growing Jihadi threat emanating from Syria as a result of the indifference of the Obama Administration vis-a-vis the ongoing conflict.


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Quarantine the Middle East?

Quarantine the Middle East –

What a fucking brilliant idea! Give this man a Nobel. Heavens know it’s reserved for good intentions these days. Let’s indeed quarantine the Middle East. This is sooooo doable. All we have to do is forget that it exists, then, let the TSA increase security inspection in our airports, because we don’t have enough of them already, and the overall economic impact of the delays on global economy is still negligible: just a few billion dollars a year.

A historical tidbit that showcases the "effectiveness" of the Quarantine Mentality.
A historical tidbit that showcases the “effectiveness” of the Quarantine Mentality.

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Obama’s White House mulls cooperation with the Nazis of the 21st Century

U.S.: Assad’s ‘Machinery of Death’ Worst Since the Nazis – The Daily Beast.

I wish to heavens this title was nothing more than drivel. But it isn’t. Reports that the White House is seriously considering cooperating with Assad are the bread and butter of Washingtonian policy circles these days. And I did attend the event organized by the Atlantic Council featuring Ambassador Stephen Rapp, the State Department’s ambassador-at-large for War Crimes and director of the Office of Global Criminal Justice, and he did indeed say that the atrocities being perpetrated today by Assad and his loyalist militias and security apparatuses are the “worst since the Nazis.” 

Ambassador Rapp and Frederic Hoff at the Atlantic Council.
Ambassador Rapp and Frederic Hoff at the Atlantic Council.

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Only Peace Can Counter Hate

Freedom for Palestine – OneWorld – YouTube.

Freedom for Palestine DOES NOT mean Death to Israel. It’s an endorsement of all relevant UN resolutions in this regard and of all peace talks premised on the notion of a two-state solution. If there are commenters on one side who clearly hate Jews, there are those on the other who evidently hate Arabs. To boot, both sets of haters have shown a willingness to kill. So long as this conflict is not resolved in a just manner, haters will keep scoring points and will keep making trouble. And Palestinians will keep getting denounced as terrorists by one set of people, and Israel will still be denounced as an apartheid sate by another. Media campaigns will not change this state of affairs, only peace can.