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Obama has ignored Syria for too long: it’s the rise of Isis, stupid – now help

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It’s time for him to do the right thing by arming moderate rebels, imposing a no-fly zone and expanding military action beyond Iraq

Barack Obama is embarking on a global course correction, if not an outright reversal: the policy of “don’t do stupid stuff” – the non-interventionism so praised by the Farid Zakarias and Tom Friedmans of the world – is getting forced out, albeit in the typical Obama fashion of admitting nothing and never going fast or far enough.

Blanket, cold-hearted realism doesn’t work when networked, cold-hearted terrorism does. Photo ilustration: DonkeyHotey / Flickr via Creative Commons
Blanket, cold-hearted realism doesn’t work when networked, cold-hearted terrorism does. Photo ilustration: DonkeyHotey / Flickr via Creative Commons

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Notes on Current Developments in Syria: January 11, 2014

The battle between Islamist rebel groups and Al-Qaeda’s affiliate, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is intensifying, but there is more going on than the increasing number of casualties and bodies of the injured piling up in the hospital.

The way the battle is unfolding indicates that carving up territories is what’s stake at this stage than achieving a straight out victory of one side over the other. This might not have been the intention at the beginning, but this is where things seem to be heading at this stage on account of the logistics involved, the actual military capabilities of each side, and the involvement of the regime in the matter, which, as expected, is working out in favor of ISIS, in the city of Elbab north of Aleppo, for instance, the regime resumed bombardment of the city as soon as ISIS was kicked out, allowing ISIS troops to halt their retreat, regroup and lay siege to the city. This may not be highlighted by the media at this stage, but this is what activists on the ground are reporting.

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Notes on Current Developments: January 7, 2014

In a move that will afford the Obama Administration with another opportunity to claim progress even as the genocide continues, the first batch of chemical weapons leaves the port of Lattakia.

Meanwhile, Islamist rebels continue to fight against ISIS in North Syria. But the real story, often missed by the media, is that ISIS fighters are actually avoiding prolonged clashes by surrendering their positions to their colleagues in Al-Nusra Front, the original Al-Qaeda affiliate in the country whose leader is busy trying to broker a peace accord between the different factions. As ISIS continues to execute its prisoners though, especially the pro-democracy media activists whom it ironically accuses of being agents for America (but at least one of these murdered activists was known for his pro-ISIS views), the move is unlikely to succeed. It will, nonetheless, further consolidate Al-Nusra standing in the rebel community not only as an effective fighting force but also as an arbitrator of disputes and a reliable governing body. But Al-Nusra’s other rival in the country, Ahrar Al-Sham, seems to have reached a ceasefire deal with ISIS.

Other developments of note: the UK grants asylum to 1,500 Syrians, and Neo-Nazis in Bulgaria wage war against Syrian refugees in that country as part of the ongoing Fascist revival taking place in Europe.

The President

I wrote this back in October 24, 2010, and forgot about it.

He has the kind of neck that would look absolutely ravishing on a guillotine, and sports a wife that would make Marie Antoinette look Thacherite in wit and demeanor, a wife who obviously cares for the mentally handicapped which must be why she married one. But while she might like his ugly and his disease, she is not exactly a free bitch baby. In fact, she has the kind of taste that could bring dynasties to tragic ends, which makes her rather useful in the present circumstances I guess. One look at her and you know that while the Devil might indeed wear Prada, he still prefers to ride Asma.

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More Thoughts on Agnes, Genocide Denier and Mother of Lies!

Amarji Special

Agnes Mariam de La Croix, née Fadia Al-Laham, is not necessarily enamored with Bashar Al-Assad or his murderous sectarian regime, and is not necessarily in the pay of his security officers, although her part in facilitating the killing of French journalist Gilles Jacquier, raises some questions in this regard. In her defense of the Assad regime and its genocide, through cover-up, whitewashing and lies, she seems to be motivated by pure religious hatred of Islam and Sunni Muslims in particular, irrespective of their degree of religiosity or lack thereof. This is not an uncommon attitude among the confessional minorities in Syria. Though Sunni extremist groups do provide some justification for this hatred and do indeed reciprocate it, lending support to an ongoing genocidal campaign, by distorting facts and spreading straight out lies is unchristian to say the least. But then the history of religious establishments in authoritarian societies, their particular faith notwithstanding, shows us that they often produce more criminals than saints, because they often become another cog in the machine of corruption, oppression and domination, if not its important instrument.

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